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Lexc shared what she experienced at our Elim Prayer Training Retreat, April 17 -19

On Apr 20, 2017 05:57 PM EDT

Good morning everyone,

Prayer this morning was amazing! I had a small vision! I was in heaven as an adult but I felt like a very small child and I was before Gods throne and his throne was very big I could not see a face but a smile when I said, "look look!" And I began to dance before God as my father and he was so filled with joy! I thought of a dance that was very complicated a ballerina could not execute this move and I did it first try in heaven. It showed me how we can do anything no limitations in heaven so wonderful and I could not see a face just a huge man on a huge throne with a huge smile. There was sunshine emitting but it was not blinding it was to discern happy atmosphere! It was very beautiful! I could even feel his excitement to watch me and I could feel this same genuine excitement that he had for others if they desired to come before his throne! It was just sooo heart warming this love and genuineness!

Lexc  Pullens - 04/19/17

When I came back from my slight trip to Las Vegas I came back heavy. I was unsure if I had enough faith for the new obstacle that had presented itself to me from visiting home. It wore me down so bad I felt nothing inside just tears running down my face at the most random parts of my day. I asked the Lord why and called to the Lord (literally like two weeks ago in Vegas) asking for guidance/confirmation on some specific things because the news I received was just so mind blowing. Within that same hour of praying Pastor Faith texted me and I just cried harder because I knew what I was experiencing was real. I felt my most valuable weapon being attacked. I didn't want to talk to God about it.

When I came to Dover I hid behind my smile. During prayer and worship for the Easter Retreat I prayed for my heart to not be hardened towards God because I could feel me shutting down in disbelief. I really didn't want to exercise great faith because it seemed too painful...this obstacle. At the retreat by the grace of God I just sung and sung for God and it removed the barriers around my heart and brought out the worshipper in me. The presence of God gave me the rest/peace inside I was not feeling. He empathized with my sorrow and comforted me in my pain but most importantly strengthened me. I received a very simple but powerful word from Pastor Faith. "Submit and Obey" I know I cannot let this obstacle over take me! After the retreat and pure prayer and worship I left feeling like I could endure!

Like my continual faith and prayers could really produce a miracle from God in my life! I have to be honest I am still not vibrant this bad news has saddened me deeply but I am more hopeful than before. In fact I was not that hopeful at all. I am reminded of His words "Don't worry. I will fix it."  I will do my best to put my trust in him.

Lexc  Pullens 04/20/17




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