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Testimony of Grace Received from Elim Prayer Training Retreat

On Apr 20, 2017 01:11 PM EDT

Prayer meeting was very graceful... I learned a lot on the healing the heart lecture. I learned that many of the pains and hurts that I have come from me not believing that others love me. Actually I really never believed that anyone loves me.

During the lecture I thought about my mother because I really have a hard time with her but through the lecture my heart was really filled and I began to think of her and I just believed at that moment that she truly loves me. Then I started to remember all of the times that she has said to me how much she loved me.  I feel like suddenly the blindness that was in my eyes came off and I was able to see how all this time she has always shared freely to me that she loves me and then this desire grew in me to also express my love to her and for her to know that I too love her and correspond to this love.

During the prayer meeting I really wanted to meet God.  But I have my own expectations of how I want God to come down Hahahaha but he is of course God so he chooses which way and I am sure that it is always the best even though I may not understand at the moment. But during the prayer at one point I felt completely overwhelmed by his presence and I felt drunken by him and his love to the point that I couldn't even move. It was as if God's presence came down and embraced me. Still now I feel the power of the Holy Spirit all over me. I actually felt the love of the Father and of Jesus too, oh it was really mysterious. Thank God I can't wait to see how much deeper the Lord will meet us through this retreat.

 Thank you Jesus!

Livy Disla - 04/17/17


Hello everyone!

 Once again, I received a lot of grace through prayer meeting today.  As I prayed I remember the lecture Pastor Zechariah gave last year when he said that as we pray we could have this vision that Holy Spirit is falling down upon us. This morning I just pictured in my mind God's glory pouring out like a shower of light and grace upon me. I received a lot of grace I just believed at that moment that the Lord was really pouring out a lot of grace.

I hope we can all have this mentally when we pray to believe that the Lord is pouring out to us like a shower of mercy and grace and love on each one of us individually. I couldn't believe that the Lord was really doing all this for me but somehow, by God's grace, it was possible through faith and I was so drunken by him.

Please lets all do it together.  It is not even half day yet so I believe we can whole heartedly believe that the Lord will meet us greatly as we pray to him. I also meditated on the verse in Acts 2:17-21 "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."

May God hear our cry.  Let us meet the Lord deeply through this time. AMEN!!!!

Livy Disla - 04/18/17


I could really write a thesis from all that I received from God these past three days. I want to first start by saying that really God is amazing and has amazing power, love, and compassion for each and every single one of us. Words could not be enough for me to share the abundant grace that I received. My testimony will be long but I pray that whoever read it could receive even if it is one word and that God would work through it.

First of all, to experience God's presence so thick and heavy upon us sinners is unbelievable. The Holy God, the one who created everything to be so close to us and literally touch the earth. During each prayer meeting, there was not a single moment that the Lord was not with each one of us, comforting us, reassuring us of the amazing love that he has for each and every one of us.

During the first morning service I learned so much about the importance of living on earth and taking care of ourselves, it is only for one purpose and that is to take care of our spirits. I really struggle a lot with food, but through this lecture, I feel that God changed something in me. That these desires and cravings I have for food are just momentarily, but every morning rather than waking up and wanting to just eat, I should first feed my spirit.  Of course, this seems obvious, but suddenly God really opened up my eyes and heart to understand how important our spirit is. The spirit is eternal, everlasting and our bodies are the means through which it can grow. It is like a baby and the placenta. The placenta is there for some time to protect the baby and allow it to grow, so it is with our bodies.

During the first lecture, which was about 'the healing of the heart, my heart was touched in a different dimension and even my thought process changed.  I learned that in order to love God and to love others we must first believe that they love us and this will greatly help us love them and serve them more.  I shared previously that through this, the way that I think about my mother changed and now I have this earnest desire to tell her I love her and to correspond to this love that she has for me.  I NEVER felt this way before, NEVER!  More and more I realize how God is the only one who can change us completely.

I saw many visions of future things that are to happen and the way that God will use me, many which gave me so much hope and dreams.  Dreams that I didn't have dreams that have given me a lot of strength to move on and really serve God well.  Through the vision, t was more than just seeing what I will get,

somehow I was able to see what God will do for others, and how much he cares for them that he wants to make a way to serve them, protect them, love them, and give them all the things that they need, to help those who are in great need of him.

From the lecture of intercessory prayer, I learned that there are 3 important things to keep which are; to always pray in the same place, to set up a time and keep it consistently, and also to fill ourselves with the spirit of God. We can just simply ask God with all of our hearts that he can enter us, and to be free from all other things that enter our hearts. Prayer for others can be difficult at first but if we continue it will get better. In addition to this, I learned that it is very important to keep ourselves filled with the Holy Spirit always and that if we want to be with God we don't have to physically be somewhere. God is spirit so the moment that our spirits long for God and the moment that we ask God to be with us, he will surely be with us and fill us up.

The spiritual realm is very different from the physical realm so we must always continuously make sure that our spirits are seeking God, seeking to be filled with him.

Through this retreat, I was convinced on the important of suffering and obeying God. Yes it is difficult, praying for others is difficult, but through our tears, hurts, and sacrifices God can really change the life of many. Though it is difficult, I am now receiving some of the fruits of my little bit of obedience, because what I have received is much greater and it has been the grace of God that was given to me. God doesn't have to give me anything yet he gives, he doesn't have to have compassion yet he has, he doesn't have to heal me, yet he wants to heal me. He has come to us first, and he pours out so generously, without holding anything back.

If we have this heart that wants to serve God to be used to touch the lives of others to be used to exalt his kingdom and develop his kingdom more. He will surely give us all the gifts that we desire if we have this healthy heart and the fruits of the spirit, we could just ask God for them ask for his grace for his strength. God can use our sufferings and our pain to help others.

God is just beyond our imagination and expectations.

HE IS FOREVER TO BE PRAISED!!! AMEN. Please pray for me. Thank you!

Livy Disla - 04/19/17



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