Testimonies Article

Susanna Zhang's Testimony after visiting Elim Center

On Apr 03, 2017 03:11 PM EDT

I experienced the great power of the Holy Spirit when I was in Elim Center. After the healing prayer lectures led by Pastor Zechariah, I meditated on the graceful message and prayed that the power of the Holy Spirit could burn deeply in my heart too. I really felt the great power of the Holy Spirit and my heart was burning.  I felt the Holy Spirit touch the deepest parts of my heart.  My spiritual gift could develop too and I could see the visions like a picture in front of my eyes.  Like the prophecy said, my heart purified like pure gold after all of the hardships.  I could pray for my ministry intensively for a few days and gain the reassurance that everything is in God's hand. My hope is that we don't limit God's power.

I felt like Pastor Zechariah was praying for me spiritually, even though he wasn't physically in the chapel. It felt like his spirit was standing beside me and praying for me. As Pastor Faith shared, our spirit has no limit.  I hope I will not limit my spirit but pray for the people whoever needs prayers no matter where they are. I want to continuously pray for my ministry and members so that we can overcome together in God and receive the blessing from God.



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