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Muslim extremist who tried to kill pastor embraces Christianity after having vision of man with 'nail-scarred hands'

On Mar 30, 2017 09:28 AM EDT
Jesus Christ

In mid-March, Ibn Yakoobi and other Muslim extremists attacked Christians gathered for a 21-day prayer and fasting period at the Assembly of Loving God church armed with rods and swords, but the believers were saved through divine intervention, Bibles for Mideast details.

When Yakoobi tried to kill the pastor, a giant warrior reportedly appeared and saved the minister. A massive thunderstorm also started raging, but a cloud shielded the Christians from the falling rain and hailstones that hit the assailants.

The miraculous incident caused many villagers to start attending the church's prayer services in the days that followed, but Yakoobi still harbored a lot of questions in his heart. During a Friday Assembly, their Imam warned against attending ALG's prayer meetings and believing the Christian message and even said many black magicians during Moses' time in Egypt had also performed miracles.

Although Sharia law prohibits talking during the sermon, Yakoobi was unable to hold himself back and asked the Imam why he could not destroy the "black magic" of Christians just as Moses did. This prompted the angry Imam to drive him out of the mosque and other religious leaders to beat him and leave him in a ditch, with no one extending a helping hand to him.

While lying in the ditch with broken bones, Yakoobi saw a cloud descending over him --- the same cloud that had protected the Christians two days earlier. A mighty man sitting on a throne appeared and showed his nail-scarred hands to the injured Muslim, who also noticed the blood on the man's legs and the side of his chest.

Yakoobi recognized the man as Jesus Christ, who conveyed the message of His resurrection and salvation. At that moment, the former extremist was healed and knelt down to profess his faith in Jesus before the cloud disappeared. He went home and shared the same message to his family and friends, and they later asked the pastor for forgiveness and helped rebuild the church they had destroyed.

In October, Open Doors USA published a report about how many Muslims in the Middle East were embracing Christianity amidst persecution from the Islamic State. A pastor in Lebanon explained that these people are coming to Christ because they feel comforted by the message of the Christian faith.

A Christian worker in Lebanon also said the conflicts in the Middle East have changed people's way of thinking. Many converts have shared that they already had doubts about Islam even before they embraced Christianity, and the dreams they have been having about Jesus have only served to solidify their decision to renounce their old faith.



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