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A Member's Throat and Weak Body Got Healed In Friday's Healing Prayer Meeting

On Mar 28, 2017 10:27 AM EDT

At the healing prayer meeting of March 10, a member's throat and weak body got healed.

Here is the testimony:

At the healing prayer meeting, I wanted to get my body healed and prayed to God. Thank God for healing my body.

Background: On the morning of March 6, I had bad diarrhea and I was becoming dehydrated. So I took some medicine which gave me considerable relief from the pain. But after I worked and studied for three days, my health condition became more serious and I afraid all morning. By noon, with the help and prayer of Sophia, my manager, the fever slowly went down. In the afternoon, my whole body ached and it was difficult to move. The rest of the time I adjusted and restored my body until Friday morning.  I was more worried about the lack of work, study and also the evening prayer. In fact, since the new year, I caught a cold and cough which has not been completely healed. In my heart, there were many struggles. For example, I did not have the power to work and study. My heart was easily irritable and sometimes I felt guilty because I did not take good care of my body, so my feelings were more complex.

On Friday, at the  healing prayer meeting, when I prayed for my weak body, I was surprised to get an amazing grace:

When I prayed, I heard God's voice clearly. God said, "This disease is from me!" However, I never thought of it like that. But when I came back this week, I found that I experienced God' s grace and saw God's face on the small things, even though my body was so weak and I had no strength to speak. Even though I didn't take part in the morning prayer and service, a little when I meditated on God's word, my heart would be moved and there was a response to God's love and communication fulfilled of love with God. When I worked, although I had no strength to work, I also prayed to God and I experienced His sweet grace in my heart.

My personal attitude towards illness is that I easily despair and give up, bounding in myself and struggling in pain. But the experience like this was relatively little. Suddenly, I understood that was this not the faith of the people's life - To seek God in weakness, to trust in God, and rely on God in any place. When I viewed the state of my work, if I had a little strength, I would rely on my own ability. When I did a good job I felt satisfied.  But when I didn't do good, I blamed myself and became angry. By relying on my own work I could not bear fruit.

When I looked over these things, I was thankful to God in my heart. People like me, who are so hard on themself, may only be able to really turn around to God by beating the flesh. I am fully convinced that God never gave us evil, but when I often.   have to face my physical disease, I think that I do not do well and experience a lot of Satan's attacks. As for God's healing ability, I can not believe and also can not touch it, so every time I have suffered from the disease, I would take medicine, or struggle to keep up. I have never really understood the will of God in this disease. After the prayer, my knowledge of God has changed a lot.  It is true that God is really in charge of everything, even the weakness in me. He also used to lead me to seek him and know him. I feel that by the grace of this illness, I can help myself to be humbled in front of God and put myself down.  I will no longer have anxiety because of not receiving physical healing from disease. So I pray to God, "God, really thank you, since it is for you to teach me obedience and humility, so I think that pray for healing is not the most important core. I want you to help me remember this grace when I once again return to work. Let me always remember to seek your ability rather than relying on my own efforts. I hope to be able to truly serve you and to do my job. And if you help me to be humble, even if this disease does not go away, I will not despair because it is good for me."

In fact, the prayer ended and I felt that the disease had been cured. My throat condition (habitual pharyngitis) has become better and better. On Sunday, it was cleared well enough to sing, even if It is still a bit difficult, but there is hope for full recovery.

Thanks for God's healing and grace.



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