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Testimony about Receiving the Power of Healing

On Feb 24, 2017 06:19 PM EST

Elim is holding the Elim Leadership Training from February 13, and God has been blessing the participants with greater power of prayer. One of the participants, Lihua shared what she experienced on Feburary 17.

My son was constipated and couldn't poop for three days.  He cried a lot last night and I was a little worried. 

During the intercessory and healing prayer meeting, when I touched his belly and prayed for him, I felt my hand got a little hot and I was not sure whether God had healed him.  I felt very peaceful and didn't worry about it any longer.  Amazingly, when we came back to the dormitory in the evening, I found that he had pooped. And in the middle of the night, he pooped again. I believe this is God's work. 

Thank you my Lord.



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