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Elim Prophetic Prayer Retreat: Heavenly Grace with Abundant Prophetic Revelations and Teachings

On Feb 05, 2017 09:53 PM EST

On February 4, 2017, Elim Center International held the one-day retreat: Elim Prophetic Prayer Retreat in Kirkwood, NY. The program, held from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, consisted of two lectures and two sessions of prayer: one as a group, and the other attendees meeting with Elim ministers individually for prayer. The highlight of the retreat was the second prayer session. In this session, all the attendees were divided into three Elim Prophetic Teams consisting of Elim ministers from Kirkwood and New York City. According to the set orders, attendees were called to the rooms individually or by family to receive individual prophetic prayer.

The first lecture was delivered by pastor Faith with the passage in John 4:24. She explained about how vivid the spiritual world is. The spiritual world is very vast and unlimited. It is possible to become lost or deceived by other spirits. Thus it is important that our focus is on loving God, loving our neighbors, and obedience to the word of God so that we can be protected. Pastor Faith also explained about three stages of spiritual development: (1) feeling and impression; (2) internal vision and experiences; (3) open vision and experiences. The first stage is a feeling or impression; for example, something doesn't feel right with a person or a ministry or the atmosphere. God reveals this to us so that we can pray and breakdown the clutch of evil. Satan many times tries to work through one person in order to attack and bring down a whole group (a family or a ministry). If we ignore the feeling or impression, it could lead to a more serious situation and become harder to breakdown. Thus it is crucial to address a problem early on in prayer. The second level of internal vision and experiences is the sense that you experienced something but it is not something 100% clear or something you can explain. Examples are being at the throne of God or feeling the embrace of the Lord. However, if these experiences effect a positive change in you, then they are correct. Also they allow you to desire to enter deeper spiritually as a positive reinforcement. As one experiences God more and more, one will come to reflect God more themselves as well. The third experience of open vision and experiences is when the physical and spiritual senses are aware just like in the second experience. One may see a vision but also be aware of where they are physically. Through the experiences of the third stage, people can experience God more vividly and understand spiritual worlds more clearly.  

The second lecture was delivered by pastor Zechariah with the passage focus on Romans 8:16-26. The lecture spoke about seeking the Spirit's guidance so that we can live fruitful lives. Though we may not know the spiritual meaning or recognize the Holy Spirit's nudges, God is always together with us and speaking to us with groans. Often we forget the eternal spiritual world and focus on the physical and we become dull to the Spirit. God wishes to bless us, but when we cannot recognize the meaning of the work, we complain. However, God still asks us, can you do this? We may have missed many chances of blessing due to disobedience. Daily we should seek God's will and to hear His voice. King David sought for God's confirmation and mercy more than other things in his life. We should struggle to meet God in our daily life, laying down our own thoughts and listening to God's voice. We should pray more and use our time well for godly things and in the process we can do greater things as we learn to tune to God's voice better.

Elim Boliva members, who are currently taking their internship in Dover, came to lead praise this time. Their worship opened the gates of the heaven, and led people to deeper prayer.

Here are testimonies of the attendees:

"I was thankful for this retreat where I can experience the love of the Holy Spirit who does not force us but embraces us when we pray. So when we pray, we cry, who would not cry before The Lord? God's heart is to revive each one of our souls and fill it with his love. I felt and saw a glimpse of it by serving and praying together with members who joined this retreat."

- Sylvie

"In the time leading up to the retreat I was facing many internal struggles and questions and worries. But sitting in Elim's chapel and listening to the lectures, I gained strength and hope. I really enjoyed the time my spirit could cry out to God during the prayer times. Also the prophecies and visions that I received from ministers really answered the searching questions of my heart. I am very thankful to Elim and to God for providing opportunities for us to draw closer to Him and to develop our prayer more deeply."

- Diana

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