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Walk Along The Road With Jesus

On Jan 20, 2017 09:45 AM EST


Jesus walks with us

When we accept Him as our friend.

He'll never abandon us in time of need.

He'll stick with us to the end.

Though we may sometimes stray from the righteous path,

He'll always be there to guide

The way for us to live and love

As He calls us to His side.

The temptations of sin shall not avail;

Jesus shows us the way that's right

By how He lived and why He died;

He's there to help us win the fight.

Sometimes life is tough and we may fret.

If alone, there's nothing we can do.

But remember Jesus overcame the entire world

And He'll always be the friend who's true.

We will trust in Him and He will send

The Holy Spirit to comfort and advise.

We will overcome all obstacles

As we grow increasingly fearless, strong, and wise.

Thank you Jesus, with all our hearts;

We'll grow in faith with you.

We'll walk with you, hand in hand,

Along the road to life anew.

Richard Cerruti  --  



Cairo has been shaken by another deadly attack that targeted a Coptic Christian bookshop and a church on Dec. 29, when a gunman went on a rampage and killed nine people before being shot.
Christians in the city of Basra in Iraq have reportedly been pushed to isolation amid the threats of extinction of non-Muslim minorities after the majority had failed to protect them from extremists in the last few years.
SAS snipers, who were part of mopping up campaigns after the fall of Mosul managed to save a Christian family merely seconds away from being decapitated by Islamic State militants for refusing to convert to Islam.