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On Oct 20, 2016 05:20 PM EDT

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole, Caribbean countries are beginning to rebuild.

One pastor said: "There is a great urgency to help the church in the eastern tip of Cuba. If you can do something now, the time will never be better. We arrived to San Antonio del Sur yesterday afternoon. The damage from there to Baracoa and the whole area are severe. Rivers and landslides did not permit travel to Baracoa. Several churches and pastoral houses collapsed partially or totally. Please pray and ask for help."

There is also considerable damage in other Caribbean islands from the deadly storms. A contact in Haiti shared the following testimony: "It's 12 am. A terrible hurricane is currently devastating our community. Many people who live near the sea or the river came to my home to find temporary shelter. It's really complicated because my house is very crowded now. Strong winds accompanied by heavy rains hit the region. Tomorrow, we will evaluate the damage. Pray for us that God will come to our aid."

Father God, as we consider the devastation brought on these islands by the recent hurricanes, our only consolation is the sure confidence that You hear the cries of their hearts and answer. Show us how we might reach out in Your name, in Your heart of compassion to the people in Cuba and Haiti who have been left homeless and who have lost loved ones. We pray especially for our brothers and sisters in the faith that You might protect them and equip them to reach out and help their neighbors and families. And as our hearts break over the brutal winds and rain that left death and destruction in their wake, break our hearts, Lord, over the even more deadly effect of our enemy Satan upon the world that You created good. So, we cry out today for You to redeem the many people on the islands of Cuba and Haiti who do not know You, who are lost in the maelstrom of spiritual darkness. Draw many into saving faith, we pray, for Your name's sake. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Source: Open Doors USA

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