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Movie Review: Risen

On Oct 11, 2016 10:44 AM EDT

Movie review :  Risen, 2016

The movie tells the story of a Roman tribune, Clavius ( played by Joseph Fiennes ), who, in the service of Pontious Pilate, is in charge of the Roman soldiers who crucify Jesus ( Yeshua ). The Jewish leader Caiaphas tells Pilate about the prophesy that the Messiah would be raised from the dead three days after being crucified. Then, after the three days have passed, Jesus' body cannot be found in the now empty tomb. Pilate is afraid that many people will believe that that Jesus is the Messiah , and will cause civil unrest. As Caesar is coming to visit Judea shortly and expects to find law and order there, Pilate orders Clavius to find Jesus' dead body and put an end to the belief of His resurrection from the dead. He digs up grave sites and interrogates people in an attempt to prove that Jesus is indeed dead, suspecting that his disciples may have taken the body. When he finds where Jesus' disciples have been hiding, he is shocked to see a living Jesus there among them. This sighting, as well as the things he has been learning by talking  with believers, the disciples, and Mary Magdalene , has a profound effect on him. He comes to believe and realizes that something in him has profoundly changed. He helps the disciples to escape from a band of roman soldiers , led by Clavius' former assistant. Pilate decides to end the search as he feels that the disciples won't be seen or heard from again.  Clavius, however, has become so moved by all that has transpired, that he has now become a believer- a Christian. A very profound movie about Jesus' crucificion and the aftermath of it through the eyes of one man, the one time pagan Roman tribune Clavius, and his path toward his embrace of Christianity.  

---- Richard Cerruti 10/10/16

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