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Movie Review: Miracles From Heaven

On Sep 07, 2016 05:14 PM EDT

The Christian movie, Miracles From Heaven, staring Jennifer Gardner and Kylie Rogers, tells the story of a Texas couple and their three young daughters. While at a church service, the pastor somewhat prophetically says, " No pain, no gain" as it applies to building our character and spiritual bodies, as well as our physical bodies. He also preaches, " Faith cannot be seen and it can't be bought."

Early in the movie, daughter Annabel ( Anna) becomes ill with abdominal pain and vomiting. After initial diagnoses of lactose intolerance, allergy, or acid reflux prove incorrect, her mother takes her from local Texas doctors to a specialist in Boston. After being told she has no appointment, she tries very hard and finally, as a mini miracle, the doctor agrees to see them. tests show that anna is seriously ill. The mother begins to lose faith in God, asking how a loving God can allow this to happen to an innocent girl. She was upset at people from her church who said that either she or the father, or even the little girl had sinned, and that those sins are preventing God from healing Anna. She is losing faith in God as her daughter is in constant pain and wishes she was dead so the pain would go away. Nothing else medically can be done, so they go back home. While at home, Anna and her sister climb an old tree for fun, and Anna accidently falls thirty feet inside the rotten tree. Firemen rescue her, but she tells her family about an out-of-body experience she had while unconscious inside the tree. She saw a butterfly turn into light and then was in a beautiful garden where she talked ,without words, to God, who told her to go back.  ( She is completely healed of her disease. The doctor called it a rare unexplained event known as spontaneous remission, but the family knows that it was God who gave Anna a new, disease-free life. ).  What happened can only be described as a miracle.    ....  It is said that " Miracles are love, miracles are God, and God is forgiveness." The mother says that," we now live like everyday is a miracle. Because for us, it is. "  Personally, I enjoyed this movie very much. It was so touching that I saw grown men cry at the ending ( me too.) As the movie points out ," You are not alone. Miracles are god's way of letting us know that He's here." I highly recommend this movie to all.         

Richard Cerruti      


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