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Dream about Finding Hidden Treasure

On Jun 01, 2016 04:44 PM EDT

One Christian recently shared her dream, which can encourage other believers. Following is her dream:

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I had a dream last night. In the dream, I just finished a meal with many brothers and sisters and then we went out for a walk in the fields.  In the fields there were many different people (including what seemed like tourists). After some time walking through the trails, I came upon a restroom and went in to use it.  When I came back out, I was reunited with my husband who was ahead of me in the trails earlier before.  Suddenly, there is a special announcement given to specific people about a special mission.  I was given a special mission to find a precious gem / hidden treasure somewhere in the land.  There was no specific description of how the treasure looked like or where it was located. But there was a time limit and the mission started immediately.  That very moment the announcement finished, I started digging the soil in front of me and found many items that belonged to various people such as laptops, jackets, purses etc, but those were items that belonged to people who were visiting the field and they hid them to protect their items while they were visiting the land.  So I quickly apologize to the people and covered their items with soil again.  Then I suddenly remember that I forgot to flush the toilet and since I was still located right next to the restroom, I stopped digging and ran in to flush the toilet that I used and ran right back out to continue my search for the treasure.  However when I came out, my husband told me, "It's over."  I was shocked and said, "What?  I barely started!! Did someone find the prize already?"  He said, "Well, you stopped in the middle and went out of the challenge so you were disqualified.  However, since you tried hard when you were digging, the penalty that you had from before got removed but you did not gain the prize."  Inside my mind, I was thankful my penalty was removed but I felt so sad and wanted another chance.  I didn't know that I would be disqualified for stopping my search to flush the toilet.  I realized that I shouldn't have been distracted and focused 100% on finding the prize.  I was not willing to accept the disqualification and went to one of the facilitators nearby.  I pleaded with her with all my heart saying that I must find the treasure and that I was so sorry for being distracted and that I would get back into the game with full focus.  She finally said ok and she pointed me towards the front and said to go towards that land.  I was overjoyed and thanked her and immediately ran forward and started digging another patch of land.  As I was digging with a sincere and focused heart, I uncovered a beautiful extra large holy Bible.  In my heart I knew that I found the real treasure.  And next to the Bible I found a small bag full of little gems and I had to distinguish the real gem among the batch.  Suddenly some lady tried to take the bag away from me.  I pulled the bag back and said, "I found it first!"  And then she let go. 

When I woke up, I felt that this was a dream that was given with the encouragement to never give up.  There were, are, or will be obstacles but if we have will in our hearts then no matter whether the path looks completely blocked, a way will open up again.  Hope this encourages you also in whatever situation you may be in!




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