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Prayer Needs for Churches Persecuted by ISIS

On Feb 20, 2015 04:05 PM EST

Iraq has become a center of violence and conquest, as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the Levant has grown in power over the years, since 2006.

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Originally associated with Al­ Qaeda they are now free agents, proclaiming a new Caliphate under Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an alleged descendant of Muhammed.

Using methods which are actually declared as war crimes and humanitarian rights violations by major international agencies, ISIS forces have taken a territory the size of Pensylvania in Iraq. Later, as a civil war erupted in Syria, it fell into the hands of ISIS as well.

Iraqi and Syriac forces are too weak to fight back the increasingly powerful foe by themselves, and have requested the aid of other countries including, the U.S.A. However, western nations fear that their involvement would reinforce recruitment among angered Islamic citizens of the countries who have suffered from prolonged warfare.

Over the course of the last few years The Islamic State has invaded and conquered land in Iraq and Syria through a series of campaigns. In the towns and cities captured, most notably Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, those Christians who were not able to leave were given a choice to be killed or converted.

Refugees from these have fled to temporary camps in Kurdistan. Although Churches are doing their best to provide for displaced Christians, there is no way to meet the growing needs of refugees, who struggle to find adequate housing and even lack some of the basic necessities such as food and fresh water.

Some young Christian families are even going as far as resorting to prostitution to provide for the health and welfare of their families.

A Church in Iraq has asked for prayers for those fleeing the war-torn regions of the north, hoping that through God's mercy they can provide for those in great need, who have been entrusted to them.

In addition to the physical and spiritual well-being of God's flock, they have asked for continued prayers concerning those young people who have been taken up to the cause of ISIS which has perpetrated so much destruction.

Additional prayer topics requested for ISIS are:

- That ISIS would be unable to deceive its followers any more.

- That there would be enough strength in the Church to continue to touch the lives of those in central and southern Iraq

- That through many visitations, God would release them from idoloatry. 

Christians in the city of Basra in Iraq have reportedly been pushed to isolation amid the threats of extinction of non-Muslim minorities after the majority had failed to protect them from extremists in the last few years.
SAS snipers, who were part of mopping up campaigns after the fall of Mosul managed to save a Christian family merely seconds away from being decapitated by Islamic State militants for refusing to convert to Islam.
Two Coptic Christians from the village of Ezbat El-Sheikh Nageim in Minya, Upper Egypt, are being accused of inciting sectarian strife and are now facing arrest after a comment shared on Facebook sparked a riot among a number of Muslims in their village.