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Winning the Spiritual Battle in Truth

On Jan 07, 2015 09:21 PM EST

God is so amazing. Not only we are saved from sin, become children of God, and go to heaven after we die - we have the privilege of proclaiming the Gospel. It is the privilege of believers. It is not done by our power or ability.

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Satan tries to use politics and other religions to persecute Churches, but we want to fight against them by praying.

This is a spiritual war not a physical war - it is the war of truth. Satan appeared to Adam and Eve, like a snake. He did not exert physical power. He just deceived, "you will be like God. God doesn't like you.".. these appear to be very sweet words.

The battle is between truth or not. Satan is on a different side, and sophisticatedly distorts truth and make humans misunderstand God. Actually, God gave everything to man, but Satan said a different thing... that God does not want you to be blessed.

In horror movies, evil spirits are very scary, but they actually cannot do anything.

Evil spirits are like flies, who are attracted to dirty places. When we make our room unclean, when we don't organize our room, evil spirits hover around and in us, accentuating our temptations.

If we organize our things well, clean our desk, then flies, the evil spirits don't come. When we pile up prayers, evil spirits are repelled. They really hate clean places.

If you kill flies, they can come again. The important thing is to get rid of smelly things. You have to organize your stuff well.

We are in a spiritual battle, and this is the battle of truth. When we feel difficult to accept that I am loved by God, and by other people, when we feel neglected, we can reinforce our belief in God by saying to ourselves: "I am loved by God, and I am loved by people. I will not be shaken."

This earth, all the people in it already belong to God, not Satan. We need to bring back all the people. When many people pray together, our prayer is really effective. We may think, "are you kidding us? We are so small. There are other great people, great Christians in this world." But God works through small people, those who believe God.

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