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Battle in Middle East

On Nov 11, 2014 10:05 AM EST


Yezidis refugee camp
Yezidis refugee camp


These are the prayer points from a church in Iraq. Please pray for Middle East.  

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-          That spiritual as well as physical needs of the community of Churches be met in Middle East.

-          That the Churches would experience an unprecedented presence of the Holy Spirit throughout this crisis to change the regions and countries in        Middle East.

-          That individuals and the Churches would experience our Almighty God's unity and power, open heavens, and rivers of Holy Spirit flow to give us           one shared Vision.

-          That God would grant Christians favor in respective governments' eyes, to acquire permission for establishing schools.

-          That God would send more workers for his Kingdom in Middle East, as many services and relief deliveries are delayed due to a shortage of           workers.

-          That God would grant Churches wisdom in handling the Internally Displaced People (IDP) projects, and give strength to those who work with them    directly.

-          That God would send confusion and disagreement to those in the IS group, to stop them from inflicting more violence to the region, and that their    hidden cells would be uncovered by local authorities.

-          That God would save misled young people from IS and judge the leaders who are aware and yet still misleading youth with their evil desires and        ideologies.

-          That all ISIS' financial resources would be cut off.

-          That God would comfort and encourage the Yezidi people amidst their heartbreaking genocide; that the Lord would reveal Himself to them; that he    would burden missionaries to serve among the remaining Yezidis.

-          That God would encourage the believers who fled from Mosul, that they would be strong in Him, be bold to witness and never lose hope in Him.

-          That God would raise up faithful leaders in the Central Government who fear God rather than men of power and use their authority for justice.

-          That God would give wisdom to the governments, to manage the crisis, to defend the region faithfully, and that they would realize that God raised    them up to serve Him at this time - that He would reveal Himself to them.

-          That the church would pray with one heart: "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in Heaven as well as in Middle East."

-          That God would send visitations to the Shi'a in central and south Iraq, to heal their hearts and release them from idolatry.


[Source: Voice of Martyrs]



Cairo has been shaken by another deadly attack that targeted a Coptic Christian bookshop and a church on Dec. 29, when a gunman went on a rampage and killed nine people before being shot.
Christians in the city of Basra in Iraq have reportedly been pushed to isolation amid the threats of extinction of non-Muslim minorities after the majority had failed to protect them from extremists in the last few years.
SAS snipers, who were part of mopping up campaigns after the fall of Mosul managed to save a Christian family merely seconds away from being decapitated by Islamic State militants for refusing to convert to Islam.